Many streams flow in and nourish a river, and in my life, Swami Vivekananda was one such stream that fortified my knowledge and resolve. His preachings in our country as well as abroad opened windows to let in his spiritual message of a new age. His was a many splendoured personality, and he presented diverse images to diverse people. Nationalists regarded him to be at the forefront of their movement, and people who believed in action considered him a great motivator of hard work for causes. But he had his detractors. Some of the monks in his Math are believed to have made whispered comments, ‘We had an easy life during Paramhansa’s regime. All that we did was to meditate with few responsibilities. And here is Swamiji, back from America, and all he wants from us is dedicated application to work and service. Can’t even sit in peace for a moment. A difficult time for us.’