Kim Kidong has, in a list of paperback publications of kodae sosol on page 33: M!lln::f.J~tffi.BWi Hyong-san Paegok So Chogi chOn, "The Story of Miss Su, the White Jewel of Ching-shan", but this might be two separate titles misprinted as one. I have not seen So Chogi chon as a separate title elsewhere (though 199 .:1:.±Dtt~ So Somae coon means the same), and the hero's mother in this story is a Su, but she does not figure largely in the story. At the end of the

~tory in the texts above a sequel is announced ;><,f-i[-% .fL .);j-Chyang-mun Ch'yunghyo rok (presumably) "Record of the Loyalty and Filial Piety of the Chang Family". This also does not appear to be mentioned elsewhere.