Courant, 837: ;iJ 18-ij-J--'8'-;i] 1irit~~~~c Kuibong Ssangnyong kui, "Record of the Miraculous Encounter of the Two Dragons" (title only).

49. 7 lg~oH Kibong Changae

Courant, 853: ;iJ J8-;;.:J'~l Kiiibong Chyangmae, {i)-'.li;~l!I Kibong Changae, "The Miraculous Encounter of the Stream Changae (or Changmae)" (title only). Kim T'aejun, 229, quotes {ij-~~lffi Kibong Changae from Courant, and Kim Kidong, 595, quoting Kim T'aejun, describes it as a iove story in Korean set in China, existing in paperback edition(s).