Act I, scene 6. A council flat in Mosside, Manchester, early December 1971.

RADIO (Manchester DJ) . ... Todays highest temperature is expected to be a cold 3°, so wrap up warm. Most roads in the city have been cleared now, but there's still ice and snow on the Pennines, and the forecast is more snow tonight. Police are asking motorists leaving Manchester on Northbound routes to drive slowly because of black ice. Meanwhile, here's something to remind you of summer days ... ('Honky Tonk Woman'.) JACKIE (packing hurriedly). I wanted it to look nice and now it won't all go in! (ROSIE yells.) JACKIE (hits transistor, which goes off). Ssh, Rosie, please - (ROSIE yells.) JACKIE. Shut up! (ROSIE swps crying abrupcly.) 138

JACKIE (gendy). 8sh, ssb, there now ... Where do you get the energy from, yelling all night? (Bends over Moses basket, sings haphazard tune.) My little rabbit, in your little

· basket ... (ROSIE coos.) JACKIE. Sleep, beautiful . . . ssh . . . (ROSIE makes a little cry as JACKIE moves away to pack again.) JACKIE (bends over ROSIE again). Please don't be crying when Mummy and Daddy arrive! - Where's your red sock? (Picks it up and dangles it over ROSIE, who quietens during:) Look, it fell out! Give me a smile - yes! There. I even washed your red sock. Washed everything, don't want Mummy to think - (Holding back tears.) I've got to clear up, Rosie. - All these ashtrays, Sandra and Hugh last night, they never think about you, do they? (Picks up ashtray.) MARGARET (from off). Hello? JACKIE. Dh shit, the mess - Come in! MARGARET (entering). Hello Jackie. JACKIE (immediately casual). Hi Mummy. MARGARET. It's not locked! JACKIE. I knew it would be you. MARGARET. You've been smoking. JACKIE. Journey from London OK? MARGARET. Not how I remembered, Mosside. All these tower blocks . . . JACKIE. Is Daddy - he's notMARGARET. Waiting in the car. JACKIE. He didn't mind? - I'm sorry, I couldn't face - MARGARET. He understands. (Pause.) JACKIE. This is Rosie, Mummy. MARGARET. I - came up the stairs. (Pause.) Lift is out of order. (Pause.) Lot of stairs.