The energy transition is at the origin of the diversification of energy sources, specifically towards renewable energies. These are spatially distributed and mostly fluctuating, spurring the emergence of new domestic energy-related activities. New tools are therefore necessary to assist these new activities both individually and collectively. Designing tools requires an understanding of user needs. Thus, the knowledge of activities related to energy in the home and how these might change is a prerequisite for deciding on tools which will assist collective activities related to energy in the home. To identify present and future activities along with general needs related to energy for housing, we conducted 36 interviews with ordinary users, precursory users and experts. Interviews focused on the present and future of energy in the home. They were carried out with inhabitants enrolled in energy communities (at the building, neighbourhood or village level) as well as inhabitants with individual use of energy or connected to conventional energy grids. This paper aims to describe present and emerging activities and general needs related to energy in the home, to help in the choice and design of energy collective tools.