In the African context, this book interrogated interrelated themes in the domains of legislation, infrastructure, authentication, trust, and education in digital records. The content on these areas draws from the InterPARES trust’s research conducted by the Africa Team. The project’s outcomes were central to:

empowerment of master’s and doctoral students, which resulted in two PhD graduates;

eurriculum development and review in digital records at several African universities, including the University of South Africa, the University of Namibia, and the University of Eswatini (Ngoepe and Saurombe, 2021);

providing the foundation for the International Council on Archives’ Africa strategy, especially in the areas of archival education and training (Lowry, 2017);

results relevant to the African setting and empowerment of archives repositories (as practitioners were involved); and

achievement of action-oriented outcomes (for example, guidelines and checklists for authenticating digital records to support the audit process).