LXXVI. 1 And be it enacted, that the council to be elected for any borough shall, immediately after their first election, and so from time to time thereafter as they shall deem / expedient, appoint for such time as they may think proper, a sufficient number of their own body, who, together with the mayor of the borough for the time being, shall be and be called the watch committee for such borough; and all the powers hereinafter given to such committee may be executed by the majority of those who shall be present at any meeting of such committee, the whole number present at such meeting being not less than three; and such watch committee shall, within three weeks after their first formation, and so from time to time thereafter, as occasion shall require, appoint a sufficient number of fit men, who shall be sworn in before some justice of the peace having jurisdiction within the borough to act as constables for preserving the peace by day and by night, and preventing robberies and other felonies, and apprehending offenders against the peace; and the men so sworn shall not only within such borough, but also within the county in which such borough or part thereof shall be situated, and also within every county being within seven miles of any part of such borough, and also within all liberties in any such county, have all such powers and privileges, and be liable to all such duties and responsibilities as any constable duly appointed now has, or hereafter may have within his constablewick, by virtue of the common law of this realm, or of any statutes made, or to be made, and shall obey all such lawful commands as they may from time to time receive from any of the justices of the peace having jurisdiction within such borough, or within any county in which they shall be called on to act as constables for conducting themselves in the execution of their office. 2