May 1853. 1/  The object of the Society shall be to enable the children of the really destitute to attend the Jew’s school in decent attire. 2/  Ladies of the Jewish faith, subscribing not less than 10/6 per annum, shall be entitled to membership & be eligible for office. 3/  Subscription due in advance 1st of Jan. 4/  The Society shall be governed by a Committee, consisting of a President, Treasurer, Secretary & 6 other members. (Not less than five shall form a quoram) 5/  There shall be an annual meeting etc. 6/  The Committee shall be empowered to supply needful clothing to those children in regular attendance at the School, whose parents are proved to be unable to afford getting them. 7/  The distribution shall be twice a year etc. 8/  No child shall be eligible to receive the benefits of this charity without a previous residence of 6 months in the Town & a regular attendance of 3 months in the school. 9/  Children who are absent from school one week without satisfactory reasons, those who are conspicuously late or irregular in their attendance / & especially those who do not take sufficient care of the clothing supplied to them, shall for feit their claim to any future distribution. 10/ It shall be the province of the committee to make careful & diligent enquiry into the habits, character & circumstances of the parents of the children as are to be included in each half year’s list of candidates; notice being [illeg.]- ted one month previous to the meeting for distribution requiring application to be made within a specified time to the Hon. Secretary 11/  Two members of the committee shall be appointed in rotation every two months, whose duty it shall be to superintend in the school at least once a fortnight, the state & conduct of the recipients of this charity. 12/  It shall be in the power of the Committee to make by laws for further carrying out the objects of this society, consistently with the object of these fundamental rules, no alteration being permitted in the general Laws, except at a general Meeting of the Members. / /13.  It shall be at the discretion of the Com. to supply a portion of these garments to Children, who do not require a whole suit. That every Friday one suit of clothes shall be given out, & that every Tuesday the former suit shall be brought to the school washed & cleaned. That [Mr.]. M.. & Miss M. 1 – shall attach the names of the children to their several parcels of clothing. – That a form be prepared & printed for distribution among the parents, containing the regulations to be strictly observed by the recipients of this charity. That Miss M. should keep a book stating weekly what girls have brought their clothes & in what condition they are. That the recipients should appear at the distribution in the clothes they have worn during the preceding half year. If a child be ill, the clothes belonging to the society must be sent to the school, they will be restored to the child on its return to school, but should the parents neglect sending the / clothes to the school, they will be forfeited alto- gether. Should any child without sufficient cause come late to school a cross shall be affixed to its name in the note book, if it remains a day absent a double cross to be set down – 12 X or 6 double crosse to annull its right to the clothes of the charity. Resolved that recipients should wear the clothes at the examination. Resolved that should any child miss bringing its clothes or bring them in ‘bad condition, it shall receive a cross & its clothes shall be forfeited for a proportionate number of weeks according to the number of crosses, after the distribution. Resolved that each Mother stand by her child, to be ready to come forward at the distribution. All boys & girls deprived of clothing for irregularity of attendance, may again become recipients at the winter distribution in case of amendment. Any child attending any other school will not be clothed. No boy or girl shall receive any clothing who misses 40 [atten]dances or is 40 times unpunctual in the year. / All children who are excluded by the school-board 2 & whose parents refuse to pay the weekly penny, 3 shall be excluded from the bounty of this charity. An official intimation be sent to the head teacher, that they send in their lists of new applicants four weeks before the prel. 4 meeting to the Secret. 5 of the Provident Society in order that the Committee of the Ladies Clothing Society can select the most deserving cases. 6