Historical quests for the source of the Nile added to the legendary status of Ethiopia’s divine waters, but surpassing all others in importance is Gish Abay, the source of the Abay or the Blue Nile which myth describes as the outlet of the divine river Gihon flowing in the Garden of Eden. In the pre-Christian era, this source was also important in the Indigenous religion and a place where lavish ox sacrifices were conducted. While the pre-Christian traditions and sacrifices to springs ceased a long time ago, the Indigenous group Negede-woyto living along the shores of Lake Tana still sacrifice to the Nile and their main river god Abinas. This chapter explores the different roles and types of divine waters in the Lake Tana region. While the Christian waters coming from Paradise are of the utmost holiness and purity, their quality prescribes exclusiveness and protective restrictions.