The role of headteacher within the English state education system can be extremely demanding, particularly given education’s changing policy landscape (Higham & Earley, 2013), the current focus on performance (Burnitt, 2016), standards (Burnitt, 2016) accountability (Bristow, Ireson & Coleman, 2007) and performativity (Ball, 2003; Burnitt, 2016), as well as increased competition between schools (Burnitt, 2016), and for those new to post, the ‘culture shock’ or ‘intensity of the job’ (Daresh & Male, 2000). For the most part headteachers are well-qualified, trained professionals, but one might well ask whether it is realistic to expect one person to be able to meet all requirements of his/her job description, and more importantly to be able to cope with the unrelenting pressures placed upon him/her to raise standards.