On March 20, 1994, an ARENA member found that, despite holding a valid carné, she was not on the voting list. When poll workers refused her a ballot, Hector Dada Hirezi, who was next in line and supported the Coalition, insisted that she be allowed to vote. She was. Her party’s founder, the late Roberto D’Aubuisson, was on the voting list. Former FMLN commander and soon-to-be elected Legislative Assembly deputy Francisco Jovel was not. In Villa Victoria, Cabanas, a man who held a carné issued on October 24, 1987, and who said he had voted in all elections since then, could not find his name on the list. He was not alone; in Santa Tecla, in a ninety-minute period an ONUSAL election observer recorded almost 150 names of voters with carnés who were not on the list. At least 75 percent of the carnés, she said, had been issued on October 24, 1987. 1