Jeff is a 29 year old man, court-mandated to see me, after assaulting his marriage partner and breaching a Protection Order served following a previous assault. Jeff’s partner, Sue, and their two children, David aged 5, and Kirsty aged 3, have lived under a reign of terror imposed by Jeff through a variety of controlling, threatening, intimidating, and humiliating actions. Jeffs physical assaults upon Sue began after three weeks of marriage. Jeff slapped Sue twice on the face when she laughed at a critical comment he made about her friends. He later apologised and wanted to have sex with her. Sue refused and he subsequently raped her. Over time, Sue has been increasingly isolated from her family and friends whom Jeff sees as “trouble makers”. Sue has become increasingly fearful for her own and her children’s safety. The children are extremely worried and insecure, having witnessed Jeffs violence and abuse towards their mother. When Sue decided to leave Jeff, he stalked and assaulted her. This behaviour eventually led to the serving of the Protection Order, which was immediately breached by Jeff when he assaulted Sue once again, and threatened: “You can’t stop me”.