This chapter examines domestic violence among families and its effects on the lives of women and children. Although the government of Kenya has earmarked 2030 as the year of full economic growth for every citizen, with the objective of promoting gender equality and empowerment of women both at work and at home, it faces challenges to achieving this goal due to some cultural customs. The groups most affected by violence are the women and children, a fact that was noted in a July 2015 speech by the then-US president, Barack Obama, during his visit to Kenya, when he encouraged Kenyan families to consider the education of girls and the employment of women if Kenya is to realize its 2030 economic vision. The chapter draws on both secondary and primary ideas to critically analyze the efforts of dealing with domestic violence and the effects thereafter. One county has been purposely selected as a case study to inform the arguments on domestic violence. In this context, the chapter narrates how development has stagnated in families where domestic violence is prevalent and the challenges these families face daily. The chapter also analyzes the role of religious groups regarding domestic violence in this county.