We begin with the patient’s sixth interview in the closed circuit setting. The focus of this chapter (like the second and third) is the recognition and management of the transference neurosis in IS-TDP. As a result of the syndrome of the “mother turning the daughter against the father” (see Chapter Fifteen), the patient became more distant and detached from her father as a young adolescent. What emerges is that the entire family system was under the controlling influence of the grandmother, who is revealed as “the Queen Bee” of the family. The grandmother, due to her own upbringing and neurosis, could not tolerate anyone in the family getting close to anyone else. This destructive competitiveness was kept alive through means of intergenerational transmission of psychopathology and transmitted to the daughter and then the patient herself. We now focus on how this unconscious system was in operation when the patient sought out therapy with an individual with whom she developed a transference neurosis.