During the IPA Congress in New Orleans in 2004, the EFP Working Party on Implicit Theories organised a discussion panel where the “map” was introduced as a working tool in their ongoing research, meant to uncover and classify the contradictory unconscious theories acting in the analyst’s mind during the sessions. Thanks to their invitation I had then the opportunity to read a short paper with the title “Theories as objects”. In it I commented on the “map” (or “grid”) and its application to clinical material that was then presented, trying to enlarge the metapsychological approach to the problem of different theories coexisting simultaneously in the analyst’s mind. Shortly afterwards I was invited a second time to a similar panel to be held at the Rio de Janeiro IPA Congress in 2005, but this time it was not as a discussant but as the presenter of the clinical material that both the panel members and the audience were to discuss, upon which the “map” would be put to the test again.