Joseph Sandler. We are certainly all very indebted to Dr. Bilu for his fascinating presentation. Of course, among psychoanalysts we also have many female rabbis, some of whom are possessed by the spirits of Sigmund Freud, Karl Abraham, Sandor Ferenczi, Melanie Klein, and others. We also have a form of exorcism, which is perhaps not quite as effective as the rabbinical one. And certainly, if we take the manifestations of xenoglossia, the use of strange and foreign languages, there is much evidence for demoniacal possession among some of our colleagues. However, on a more serious note, I think we have been shown very nicely how the projection of idealized, wished-for qualities can occur, and how these qualities can be forced into a receptacle that wants to have them. The question of the acceptance, by what we can call the projectee, of what the projector sends across is a crucial one in regard to the mechanisms we have been discussing.