Dr. Michael Eigen’s playground is vast and unboundaried. In his explorations of psychoanalysis, Kaballah, psychosis, and emotions that sometimes dare not speak their names, such as rage, lust, and ecstasy, Eigen opens up vistas of possibility, inviting us to explore the richness of experience and thought that comprises the interiority and relationality of the analyst. To read Eigen’s work, to participate in his seminars, and to experience him as a human being, is to become aware of all that psychoanalysis can be for each of us—the possibility of a psychoanalysis as big as the world. His level of comfort with fragmentation, whether the fragmentation of Lurianic Kaballah, psychotic states, or the everyday expansions and contractions of self, invites an openness to experience, creative thought, and to the inclusion of what has previously been omitted. His work has inspired me to be truer to myself in the I–Thou as human being, psychoanalyst, poet, thinker, writer, and all the pieces of more that fragmentation and expansion encompass.