In this chapter, I will use Kleinian, Bionian, and Field Theory lenses as vertices through which to consider the role of the clinical psychologist in a hospital setting. These lenses help us to recognize the potential positive impact of the psychologist not only in his or her clinical roles but also importantly in relation to colleagues and to the institution as a whole. System perspectives help to mark the ways in which individual dynamics also play out in relation to the various structures within the hospital. Such recognition can help both treaters and patients to become better able to recognize various patterns and defenses at play in ways that may be transformative rather than merely repetitive. As someone whose expertise affords insight into the ways in which unconscious processes may play out in groups, the psychologist can offer formulations that enable other staff to perform their own roles more effectively. Examples will be given regarding the psychologist’s role as part of the hospital treatment team, as a pivotal person who can help to allay anxiety and encourage greater understanding through recognition of the dynamics in play with a particular patient.