Study abroad (SA) is fundamental to my interest in second languages (L2) and formation as a language teacher. I participated in educational tours and exchanges in France and Germany while attending secondary school in England and twice took part in an undergraduate year abroad, working as an English foreign language assistant in France and Germany. I have since taught English as a foreign language in the public and private education sector in England, France, and Germany, and German studies and teacher education at university in Canada. Having earned doctorates in German Studies (while an international student) and Education, and now working as a Professor of German in Canada and the Director of the Canadian Summer School in Germany, I currently publish on L2 SA in relation to curriculum, teaching, learning, and identity. These interests connect directly to when I taught English as a language assistant in locations abroad where my home university took it for granted I would be exposed to and therefore effectively develop my additional languages; there, I became concerned about how it had also been assumed that I could teach English simply because it was my mother tongue. I thus became committed to effective L2 teaching and learning.