In discussing the broad topic of Government Regulation of Church-Affiliated Colleges and Universities, an attempt has been made to include a broad range of topics relevant to such institutions. Thus the reader will find books or articles addressing very particular or special religious problems, such as religious tax exemption, religious standards in employment and admissions, and ministerial status. In addition there are some items discussing the broad categories of private education or independent colleges and universities, such as applicability of Section 1983 or the Fourteenth Amendment, on the basis that much of the law applicable to private education in general is applicable to religious private education. Finally, there are materials of general interest to all education, irrespective of its religious or secular nature, such as land use, copyright, trademark, and most anti-discrimination legislation. From this broad spectrum of materials it is hoped the reader will have a better understanding of the kaleidoscope of problems faced by church-affiliated colleges and universities.