Welcome to Flip the System Australia: What matters in education. It is a book, a moment in a movement, and a collective roar into the abyss of the international education narrative. Like educational practice throughout the world, this book builds on the stories, perspectives and research of those who have come before. We are grateful to Thijs Jansen’s Professional Pride series, René Kneyber and Jelmer Evers’ Het alternatief (2014), their original Flip the System book (Evers and Kneyber 2016), and Lucy Rycroft-Smith and Jean-Louis Dutaut’s Flip the System: A Teachers’ Manifesto (2018). They and their many contributors have laid the path to which we are adding. This book is, in many ways, the third book in the Flip the System series (although we use ‘series’ loosely, as the publications are ones that have grown organically and wildly from grass roots). It is in one way the next part of a layered international conversation, this time bedded in an Australian context. It is also its own treasure trove of perspectives around education, a diverse jewel-like collection of teacherly and scholarly voices with an important contribution to make locally and globally. It is a platform for reclaiming education for the teaching profession in ways that focus on the multiplicities, complexities and humanity of education, as well as the role of research and data.