The Chilean network of biosphere reserves aspires to become a model of sustainability. Several crucial steps have been undertaken to create a network that encompasses most ecoregions along Chile’s extensive latitudinal gradient. This chapter presents an account of the growth of the network, including its advances and pitfalls. Improvements seem to be more difficult every day, due to the huge social disparities in Chilean society and the associated socio-environmental conflicts. A preliminary assessment of the activities of the network according to the Lima Action Plan shows that much research has been undertaken in some Chilean BRs. However, low levels of participation and a lack of legal recognition remain; and neither a national MAB committee nor local committees at each BR exist. Several aspects of paradigmatic changes necessary for Chilean BRs to take concrete actions towards becoming living laboratories for sustainability are introduced. Strong networking efforts are needed if Chilean BRs are to be spaces of biocultural ethics, regenerative development, and eco-social peace.