Apparently, for diplomatic reasons India and Pakistan lock horns over Jammu and Kashmir whenever they find it appropriate. Intermittently, the Kashmir Valley erupts in protest which further centre-stages the Kashmir dispute in the Indo-Pak diplomatic duels. All the official Indo-Pak wars ofwords notwithstanding, they have practically cooperated on the Kashmir question. Drawing largely upon secondary sources as well as interviews and first-hand experiences as the primary sources, I argue in this chapter that Kashmir remains unfinished business of Partition for two reasons. Firstly, because Indiaand Pakistan mutually want to maintain a status quo on the Kashmir dispute for strategic reasons. They are not interested in any settlement compromising the present stalemate. Secondly, the Indo-Pak policy of maintaining status quo, hence Kashmir’s continual Partition, has been abetted by the political failure of Kashmir national struggle in building a secular unity project capable of overcoming ethnic and sectarian divisions.