The application of Lean Management is at present one of the major issues raised within the process of reforming higher education institutions. It is assumed that Lean Management will be as effective in universities as it is in business organizations, despite the fundamentally different character of the former. Research conducted in public organizations indicates that Lean Management generates positive results in organizational and technical systems, but there are doubts about the permanence of such results (Radnor and Bucci 2011). Resistance and the impermanence of introduced changes are explained by too little attention being paid to the development of an organizational culture of Lean Management – a Lean Culture (Francis, Krehbiel and Balzer 2017) as well as the specific character of universities themselves. The lack of connections between the implementation of Lean Management and a change in an organizational culture decreases the permanence of the effects of restructuring and in the long term does not contribute to the improvement of processes in universities (Radnor et al. 2006).