A great deal of interest is currently being paid to those who strike out on their own and take on the title of an “entrepreneur.” While there are many benefits in going it alone and being one’s own boss, there are risks as well. As one who has tried it, with some degree of success, it might be enlightening for others to get an understanding of exactly what is involved in becoming an independent “Information Broker.” Special attention will be given to “telling it like it is” and to warning those considering such an endeavor that the path to success is not always an easy one. In this regard, readers will not only come to understand what it takes to pursue such a career path, but how they, as fellow professionals, can avail themselves of the services of such individuals. It is hoped that if librarians, researchers and information specialists know more about how we operate, their own demanding jobs will be easier. By gaining insight into the valuable services their colleagues provide, they too will be better able to help today’s public who now appreciates that the information age is here.