123We have now great pleasure in laying before our readers the following most important and deeply interesting letter, addressed by Mr. Godwin, the celebrated author of “Political Justice,” “Caleb Williams,” and other works, to Mr. Gerrald, a short time before his trial took place. The gentleman who has favoured us with it received it from Mr. Gerrald’s own hands, just as he was entering the Court of Justiciary, to abide those iniquitous proceedings misnamed a trial. On giving it away, Mr. Gerrald said with fervour, “I deliver into your hands what I value more than all I ever possessed—a letter from my dear and inestimable Godwin. I would fain keep it, as a comfort to me in after days; but I know that I am already condemned—I know also that ray persecutors would take it from me—and I would not for worlds that their vengeance were directed against the writer.”