Christopher Wordsworth (1774–1846) was William’s younger brother by four years. Unlike William, who was intended to enter the Church, but rebelled against the idea, Christopher became ordained, was domestic chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury and later the Dean of Booking. In 1821 he was made Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. He married Priscilla Lloyd (1781–1815), the younger sister of Charles Lloyd, Coleridge’s friend and Lambs; because of this connection, and despite the discouragement of his influential uncle, William Cookson, Christopher tutored the supposedly dangerous and radical Charles when he went up to Caius College, Cambridge in 1799 (see Griggs, Letters I, p. 541). The Lloyd family were Quakers but Christopher started as and remained an ardently orthodox Anglican: Southey remarked rather cattily that he believed ‘in forty articles, thirty-nine not being enough for his capacious conscience’ (quoted Gill, p. 343).