Charles Valentine Le Grice (1773–1858) went to Christ’s Hospital with Coleridge and later followed him to Cambridge. Unlike Coleridge, Le Grice took a degree (in 1796) and proceeded to the M. A. in 1805. He was ordained in 1798 and settled in Cornwall, where he obtained a post as tutor to the son of a widow. Soon after, he married the widow and acquired a living near Penzance. In adult life he saw little of his student friends – Southey visited him in old age and Le Grice helped Thomas Talfourd prepare his life of Charles Lamb (see below, Talfourd, Final Memorials of Charles Lamb). Otherwise, he opted for retirement and a safe niche in the Church – however, despite his evident ability, Le Grice did not gain preferment, either because he did not especially want it or because he managed to offend those above him.