In a volume about the multidimensionality of regions in world politics, it is not entirely unexpected that many of the contributing authors approach the notions of globality and global order with the same level of nuance that also characterises their reflections about regions. Thus, far from disputing the centrality of a state-centred international system, this volume instead brings to the fore an analytical openness regarding the relative importance of multiple forms of globality in their relationship to regional constructs and raises new questions regarding the co-constitution of regional constructs and visions of the global. Thereby, this volume consolidates a research agenda that focuses on the interplay and dynamics between different types of regional constructs and a global order in flux. Looking ahead, there emerge various interesting aspects of regions in world politics that deserve more attention. For this conclusion we want to emphasize the following three facets:

Interdisciplinary synergies for interrogating the global and regional as a nexus

Conditions of change within the global-regional nexus

The link between multidimensionality and time