Provisional Council. In an attempt to reinstate Solidarity as an openly active and officially recognized public movement that might help overcome Poland's political and economic crisis, Lech Wałęsa appointed a Provisional Council composed of seven prominent union leaders, all former members of the underground Provisional Coordinating Committee (TKK). These were Bogdan Borusewicz, who had been a dissident since 1969, a member of KOR, a founder of the Free Trade Unions of the Baltic Coast, and active in the Gdansk shipyard strike in August 1980 and in Solidarity; Zbigniew Bujak, Chairman of the Mazowsze Region of Solidarity and a member of the Presidium of Solidarity's National Commission (NC); Władysław Frasyniuk, Chairman of the Lower Silesia Region and a member of the NC's Presidium; Tadeusz Jedynak, a member of the Silesia-Dąbrowa Regional Board and of the nc; Bogdan Lis, Deputy Chairman of the Gdańsk Interfactory Strike Committee in August 1980 and a member of the nc; Janusz Pałubicki, Secretary of the Wielkopolska Regional Board; and Józef Pinior, Treasurer of the Lower Silesia Regional Board.