Yuan Xiaoyi (as Yuan below): Last year, we had a long talk, whose transcription was published in 《文艺报》 (Journal of Literature and Art) with that slogan way of title: Orienting Literary Translation. Then we talked about literary translation and you were organizing the heated discussion of the Chinese translation of Le Rouge et le Noir. As far as I know, one year later, as a result of that discussion, your edited book 《文字•文学•文化——<红与黑>汉译研究》 (Writing, Literature, and Culture: The Research on the Chinese Translation of Le Rouge et le Noir) was published. It may indicate that literary translation criticism and even literary translation theory in China have stepped on a new road. So today, we still come back to the beginning. But we think that we should talk about more about the discipline of translatology if it, as it were, has been established.