As a sociologist I feel it is my moral obligation to use my platform (be it social media or this chapter), research and knowledge to give a voice to the voiceless – which in this situation is nonhuman animals and the natural environment which we all inhabit. I must use my practice of writing as a space for activism and social change. I believe that species justice is for every body – every animal, both human and nonhuman, and every forest, every rock and mountain, every river and every ocean. I believe that to enact species justice is to live through an ethic of love which involves loving others as a radical act of disrupting the status quo, not just a hat one wears from nine to five. Rather, living through an ethic of love boils down to just one thing: seeing veganism as a moral baseline (Francione, 2016) from which everything else takes root. I strongly believe this because loving others involves a love for nonhuman animals, and you don’t eat someone you love.