Since 1995, many child psychotherapists who trained at the Tavistock Clinic (now the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust) have undertaken research as part of a professional doctorate programme, 1 accredited for many years through the Tavistock’s partnership with the University of East London, and in particular its (then) Faculty of Social Sciences. 2 In the first years, these researchers were already qualified child psychotherapists, who were able to prepare for doctoral study through a supplementary programme concerned with research methods. 3 But, at the same time, this professional doctorate was incorporated as an option into the child psychotherapy curriculum, and many trainees have chosen to pursue research projects during or soon after the completion of their clinical training. To date, over 80 child psychotherapy doctoral theses have been completed within this framework (their authors and titles to date are listed in the Appendix at the end of the book). 4 This volume presents accounts of research findings from nine of these completed projects, together with two chapters written from PhD theses that were supported by parallel supervision arrangements at the Tavistock.