Military context has been recognized as a context with different types of working conditions that influence soldiers’ burnout and engagement. The aim of this chapter is to summarize the literature on military burnout and engagement to provide the readers with a broad and comprehensive background for understanding the current state of knowledge in this area. This chapter conducts a qualitative systematic review of the literature about these indicators of military well-being and its antecedents/consequences. A comprehensive literature search is conducted on databases to identify relevant published sources prior to 2019. Empirical studies that analyze military burnout and/or engagement and have a description of the method and the results obtained are selected. Theoretical and review studies are excluded. From the original articles are extracted: the sample (i.e. size; context – Army, Navy, Air Force), the study design (i.e. cross-sectional, longitudinal, intervention), indicator studied (i.e. burnout, engagement, both) and measures used, levels of burnout/work engagement, antecedents/consequences of the studied military burnout and engagement, results obtained and overall conclusions of authors. This systematic review reveals the evidence of the influence of different personnel and contextual factors in military burnout and engagement.