Starting in 2010, the West Virginia Trail Inventory project has been funded by the West Virginia Division of Highways to inventory, collect, and integrate all publicly accessible trails in West Virginia. Currently there are over 5,000 miles of inventoried trails in West Virginia. An online trail application (www.mapwv.gov/trails) allows users to view and identify recreational trails inventoried in West Virginia. In addition, the online trail application allows trails stewards to validate their trail geometry, attributes (e.g. trail surface, trail use, organization), and contact information. The online trail application can be accessed by users with multiple devices, including phones, tablets, or computers. In addition, the freely available GIS trails inventory can be accessed by the public to make customized print or online trail maps, generate trail statistics, and plan future trails, as well as be used for other purposes. In 2018, the West Virginia Division of Highways provided additional funding to finalize the inventory of all trails in West Virginia and to create smartphone applications for recreational trail users.