Rosario Ferré, born in 1938 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to a very wealthy family, has been educated to a large extent in the United States. She holds a B.A. from Marymount College in Manhattan, and an M.A. in Hispanic literature from the University of Puerto Rico. She also holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic languages and literatures from the University of Maryland. She was editor of Zona de cargada y descargada (1970-1974), a literary magazine which introduced feminist inquiry into the study of literature in the Spanish-speaking world. Ferré writes poetry, short stories, and longer fiction, as well as literary criticism, with equal ease. Her first books, Papeles de Pandora (1976), Sitio a Eros (1980), and Fábulas de la garza desangrada. (1982), were met with unreserved acclaim by the critical establishment, which noted her work for its enormous capacity for symbolism in conjunction with a clear feminist stance. In her first novel, Maldito amor (1986), the unresolved historical status of her island nation is a central theme, with women occupying a recurring and dominant presence. Her own successful English translation of this novel established her as an accomplished bilingual writer.