The coastal Malibu area uses septic tanks or package plant systems with on-site percolation for the disposal of nearly all of its wastewater. This practice has caused concern to the State and County agencies most directly concerned with water quality and sanitation. The septic tank disposal systems are subject to overloading and, along the shoreline, to damage by high surf conditions. The package plants have also been subject to overloading and are extremely costly on a per capita basis. Subsurface and periodic surface flows of untreated sewage or septic tank effluent from the developed coastal areas reach the beach and the surf. Water quality objectives for both swimming and harvesting are impacted. A wastewater management plan for this area has been developed which calls for a regional sewer system, a prohibition of interim small package wastewater treatment plants, and stricter interpretations of the building and plumbing codes. This was recently adopted into the County General Plan by the Los Angeles County Planning Commission.