The author discusses the contribution of PT to the process of access to justice. The author traces how PT developed and the various contributions PT have made to the process of seeking justice. While emphasising that PT are not the same as Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC), the author compares and contrasts these two bodies. Using the Kenyan experience with the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) as a model, the author discusses in detail challenges that the Kenyan TJRCs generally faced in attempting to fulfil its mandate. The author will analyse the roots and contribution of both entities to the legal cannon of international criminal law. As TRC are an expansive and lengthy topic, the author will specifically focus on the experiences of the Kenyan TJRC. The author will from this also seek to draw any lessons that are relevant to the future of PT. The author concludes that while TRC share some similarities with PT, they are built on different legal foundations.