This essay gives a preliminary glimpse of the problem of populism, as something inherently enrooted in neoliberalism. While over the years some political scientists have adopted a pejorative viewpoint on populism, others (like Laclau) focused on the term as a key factor of politics. Instead, this chapter reveals the nature of populism as a mythical narrative adapted to indoctrinate the dissidence (proper of deliberative democracy) into great simulacra, as Jean Baudrillard brilliantly studied it. Far from being opposites, Kirchnerism and Macrism are neoliberal movements, which emptied politics and filled it with their own fables. “La grieta”, a term coined by Jorge Lanata, far from being a problem, works as an ideological message of control which distorts reality. We hold the polemic thesis that Macrism is Kirchnerism by other means.