Surviving crime is difficult; surviving violent crime even more so. What makes death by violent crime so challenging is that it brings life to an end prematurely—it is unnatural. Each person needs to understand how choices impact their ability to cope and survive. By learning how to better make choices, perhaps we can better survive violent crime. Violent criminal acts occur in all societies. The ability to survive them is enhanced by our resilience. This is tied to one’s ability to be empathic. In societies that foster empathy, one becomes better able to cope. Techniques for coping are also important in our ability to become resilient, as is social support. Coping successfully requires that one focuses upon reachable goals. The greater the bond with another person, the greater the hurt will be when they die. Likewise, the powerful impact of violent crime can intensify the hurt. Bonding with others may also enhance resilience and allow one to better cope.