This chapter outlines the legal environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): the constitutional structure, the legal system, and the court system. The constraints and procedural requirements of UAE law are considered where it is the governing law of the contract or where the UAE is the seat of arbitration. The need for any Special Provisions in the Particular Conditions is considered for three situations: (1) the governing law is that of the UAE, (2) the Site/Country is in the UAE, and (3) the “seat” of the dispute determination is the UAE. Special Provisions in the Particular Conditions that may be desirable (although not necessary) for consistency with local law are also considered. Applicable legislation in the UAE is then identified for the three situations listed earlier. This chapter concludes by addressing some of the issues that a court or arbitral tribunal applying UAE law may approach differently than one might expect from the plain words of a FIDIC Contract.