This chapter explores the changing fatherhood of Finnish Somali men, whose lives are connected to transnational social space, by utilizing the concept of respectability. The chapter is based on multi-sited fieldwork and qualitative interviews. The respectability of Finnish Somali fathers has been challenged following migration in at least two ways: social roles between men and women have changed as new expectations regarding gender equality have emerged; in addition, as a consequence of the high unemployment rate, many fathers have not been able to fulfil the traditional breadwinner ideal. However, transnational space provides fathers with opportunities to (re)create respectable fatherhood. Furthermore, they have taken on new parental roles by participating, more than before, in housework and childcare. Fathers emphasize the educational achievement of their children, but they also wish them to learn (selectively) about their cultural background and family ties in Somalia. The parents acknowledge, however, that the bonds of their children to Somalia will probably remain weak.