This chapter explores the challenges of translating Marathi Dalit literature into English from three genres: a fictional narrative, women’s autobiographies and theatre texts. Located in their cultural contexts, these texts unveil their alternative perceptions of history and nation building (as in the case of the novel Fakira), use of narrative strategies that bring out how Dalit bodies and female subjectivities are discursively constructed (Dalit women’s autobiographies by Kamble and Pawar) or creation of alternative theatre language in terms of its performance potential, as in the case of Dalit plays by Bhagat and Sanjay Pawar. The chapter discusses the linguistic, formal and cultural challenges faced in translating such texts and argues for strategies to create a ‘thick’ translation. Finally, the chapter problematises the use of English as the language of translation and expresses a hope that Dalit translations may help reformulate the domain of literatures in English translations, impact canon formation and forge alliances among diverse oppressed communities.