If we have asked to say something today, this is not in order to give an academic assessment or a final report of the Centre’s work over the past year; still less is it to ‘take things back in hand’ and to redraw the contours of an orthodoxy. No; we have asked to speak simply in order to take our bearings, to see where we are as regards the questions which were, and which remain, at the origin of the Centre. Which means, of course, our own questions-the initial questions of the Opening Address2-but only on condition of combining or including with them the way in which they have, in turn, been questioned as well as the new questions to which they have given rise. There is no orthodoxy here, but there is a genuine problematic, even if it is a problematic in the process of formation, a problematic looking for itself. It is to this problematic, very briefly, that we want today to return.