This chapter consists of interviews with major innovators in dramatherapyGordon Wiseman, Robert Landy, Mooli Lahad and Pamela Mond-and looks at how they came into the field in the first place, and the thinking and experience behind the application of their methods. I first interviewed Gordon Wiseman, who has a long history of working in this area. Gordon and I first worked together in 1966 when we took the Remedial Drama Group to hospitals, children’s homes and special schools. Coming from a theatre background, Gordon was initially interested in translating the theatre experience into direct work with children, especially in his theatre-in-education work. Robert Landy is the major pioneer of drama therapy (two words in USA) in America. He started off in the theatre but also as a teacher, so has always had a practical approach as well as an academic one. Mooli Lahad started as a psychologist, but became involved in drama and play therapy very quickly. He has developed an important assessment method using fairy tales. Pamela Mond graduated in dramatherapy in Israel and achieved a distinction for her innovative research with the siblings of children with severe learning difficulties.