In this chapter, a schema-based formulation of workaholism and burnout is proposed. It integrates the schema-based model of occupational stress (presented in Chapter 12) with the literature on workaholism (presented in Chapter 13) and burnout (presented in Chapter 8). In particular, it is noted that the workaholic employee typically presents with the ‘type A’ coping style and appears to be more prone to occupational stress, burnout, low selfesteem and work-related problems than non-type A workers (Burke 2004; Burke and Matthiesen 2004; Burke and Greenglass 1988; Cherniss 1980; Conte et al. 2002; Evans et al. 1987; Greenglass 1990; Idemudia et al. 2001; Jamal 1990; Kushnir and Melamed 1991; Lavanco 1997; Machlowitz 1980; Mazur and Lynch 1989; Minirth et al. 1981; Nagy and Davis 1985; Nowack 1988; Price 1982; Savickas 1990; Schwartz 1982; Spruell 1987).