The schema concept is not a new one (Beck 1967, 1976; Beck et al. 1990; Piaget 1962). More recently, however, there has been a growing consensus about the validity of the schema concept (Lee et al. 1999; Schmidt et al. 1995; Shah and Waller 2000; Stopa et al. 2001; Waller et al. 2001; Young and Brown 2001; Young et al. 2003). Similarly, the evidence base for schema therapy has also been growing and the results are promising (Bamber 2004; McGinn et al. 1995; Young and Behary 1998; Young et al. 1993, 2003). However, while there has been some literature applying the schema concept to the work setting (e.g. Price 2002), there is none applying the schema concept or the schema-focused approach specifically to treating the occupational stress associated with work dysfunctions.