Technology will redeem us; technology will ruin us. The problem with this particular contemporary contradiction is that the technology that might redeem or ruin us has been and continues to be under the control of primarily white heterosexual male elites. So, if technology winds up in the hands of radical women with a vision, perhaps it can transform us. In fact, when This Bridge Called My Back was published over twenty years ago, the voices of women of color, men of color, and lesbians of all colors were more than just difficult to hear, they were nearly inaudible in the cacophony of mainstream discourse. Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga, and the amazing collaboration of radical women who came together to speak out created an astonishing conversation among women of color, a conversation that readers were then welcomed to join. The very fact that such a conversation would take place was radical-a dialogue about who “we” are and how “we” came to be. The potential for radical change opened by the book seems both endless and truncated.