On 18 June 2007 the government of Shenyang’s old industrial district, Tiexi,

inaugurated a permanent exhibition on the lifestyles of the industrial

workers who had been living in a neighbourhood known as the ‘workers’

village’ for the last five decades. The exhibition is located in one of seven

buildings singled out for preservation in this Soviet-style residential area

that, built in 1952, originally included 143 large three-storey constructions

and a total area of over 700,000 square metres. The exhibition featured

reproductions of the one-room apartments with shared basic facilities and kitchens, and displayed the evolution of daily life in the neighbourhood

since the 1950s. Young university graduates wearing wireless microphones

told the curious visitors the pioneeristic adventures of China’s working class

and paid tribute to their struggle to build the glory of the socialist state.