After the reconquest and the establishment of Anglo-Egyptian condominium rule, Arob was among the first southern chiefs to get the message, make contact with the new adminstration, and secure protection for his people. According to Bulabek Malith,

When the English came, our [great] grandfather, Arob, returned to the North. When he returned, he said to the English Governor, “All black people are my people.” The English said to him, “Are they really your people?” He said, “Yes, they are my people.” The English said, “If they are your people and I test you by giving you

a bad thing, will you eat it?” And Arob said, “I will eat it.” What our grandfathers told us, they said, our [great] grandfather, Arob,

was given human waste mixed with liquid. He drank it because of black people. That is when the English said, “They must truly be your people.” He drew his portrait on a wall in Khartoum. His picture we understand is still their today.5